3 Tips for Putting on a Perfect Corporate Event

Corporate events can be awkward

Putting on a great corporate event can be challenging.

Just think – you’ve got a diverse team, all with different expectations that have to be considered. Plus, you’ve got to ensure there’s a team-building spin or other business consideration to distinguish it from just another party.

It’s not the easiest thing to plan, let alone execute. But a great corporate event can be an effective way to boost morale and celebrate hard working employees. That’s why it’s important every effort is made to make them a memorable experience.

Here’s three ways you can ensure your next corporate event is well received by everyone:

1. Make it Themed

Picking a fun theme is a fantastic first step when planning your event. While you might roll your eyes at the idea of a themed event, they have a number of advantages of a generic corporate gathering.

For one, it helps set the expectations for the event. Because corporate parties often take place outside the work context, employees can be left wondering how to approach it. “Should I stay formal? Business casual? Or cut loose a bit?” are all questions attendees might ask.

With a good theme, people can approach the event with appropriate expectations. A black tie event means formality, whereas a country themed event lets your employees know its ok to have a little fun.

Plus, what better way to ensure team-building than by laying the foundation of a common theme?

2. Have Specific Activities Planned

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a casual cocktail party that has some social mingling. It can be a great way for employees to interact with one another and foster camaraderie.

That said, there will always be people a little less inclined to jump into social chatter. It can be intimidating, especially out of the office context. That’s why it’s important to have some activities planned to promote ice-breaking and offer entertainment for everyone.

If you’re looking to plan a country themed event, activities like line dancing, mechanical bull-riding and country karaoke are all fantastic ways to spice up your next corporate event.

3. It Better be Fun!

This seems to go without saying, but your corporate events really should be fun. To engage employees and foster the team-building and morale boosting that these gatherings are for, it’s important that everyone actually wants to attend.

While it’s impossible to say what exactly makes an event “fun” but there’s one thing you can count on – leaving it to professional event planners will ensure your event has experience behind it. The pros have put on lots of successful events before, and they can apply that same expertise to yours.


Your next corporate event can be a fantastic opportunity to build employee morale and offer team-building time. By planning a themed event with specific activities and using the knowledge of professional planners to your advantage, you’ll be able to pull off a well-planned, fun corporate event.

Looking to get started? Contact us today, and Let Moonshine Entertainment make your next gathering a success.

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